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JDO Academy, Hair & Make-up school Amsterdam

JDO Academy is specialized in providing Hairstyling training after more than 17 years of experience in the Beauty & Hair industry. Hairstyling is an important addition for hairdressers and Make-up artists and that is why we have developed several effective Hairstyling training courses. For example, we provide training at our location, international Masterclasses, but also tailor-made workshops for you in the salon! Regardless of your level, beginner or experienced, there is always a training or master class that suits you. The different Hairstyling training courses are a good addition to the salon because Hairstyling is really another branch of sport.

JDO Academy, Hair & Make-up school Amsterdam


Mainly for hairdressers and Make-up Artists who want to further specialize in Hairstyling, JDO Academy has the Hairstyling Class: A Bootcamp with a very effective training program, designed by founder and international Hair & Make-up Artist Juliette den Ouden. During this Hairstyling Class you will learn all the techniques you need to become a good Hairstylist. After this training you are all-round employable for both Commercial and Fashion assignments, this training is also a very good addition to the salon!

JDO Academy, Hair & Make-up school Amsterdam


We notice that in many salons Hairstyling is a part that can be paid more attention to. Consider, for example, the updating of the hair, attachment techniques and creating beautiful loose hair. Many hairdressers are already stressed when it comes to the hair styling of a bride or a Hairdo that should last longer. This is because Hairstyling is really a different profession than the hairdressing profession. That is why, in addition to our Hairstyling Class, we also give the possibility to give tailor-made Hairstyling training in your salon!

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